Early Start Services

What is Early Start?

Early Start, also known as, Early Intervention, is a program in the state of California that provides therapy and specialist services to children ages birth - 3 (0-36 months). Such children, who may have an established risk condition with a high probability for a developmental disability, may qualify and be seen for services through our agency. If a child is found to be eligible through the local non-profit regional center, Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) for the Early Start program, then the process for a referral begins with both TCRC and the Mariposas Project (an accredited therapy agency).


At the onset of a referral, a full team of individuals from a Service Coordinator (the social worker who does the initial intake) to therapists and specialists (speech, physical, occupational, vision, early intervention) will then assess a child to see if they are eligible to receive any level of our services. If they are, then the assessment team, the TCRC Service Coordinator and the family will have a meeting to review the evaluation and the need for therapy services.

Eligibility Criteria

In order for a child to receive any type of therapy or specialist services from our agency, they must first be referred to the Mariposas Project from TCRC and a Service Coordinator in the Early Start program for an evaluation. After the assessment is completed by the Mariposas Project using a standardized assessment tool, the testing data is then analyzed and scored to determine if a child meets any of the 3 types of criteria for receiving a specific type of service (Developmental Delay, Established Risk or High Risk for Developmental Disability.


Therapy & Specialist Services

Early Start services provide a range of therapy and specialties that support overall development of children between birth-3 years of age. This program and philosophy of serving the whole child within their family unit is at the cornerstone of this state-funded program. All children receiving services through the Mariposas Project will be seen on either a weekly or monthly basis as stated through an IFSP – Individual Family Service Plan and in a ‘natural environment’ such as their home, preschool, day care or in the community.

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